365 Days of Happiness

365 Days of Happiness

Since becoming a Mother, I’ve come to realise that I’ve lost a little of my happy-go-lucky attitude. In my mission to make sure everything is perfect for E, where once I would stumble over and ignore little niggles and frustrations, shrugging my shoulders and getting on with life, I now find myself drowning in anxiety, fear, and apprehension. Unfortunately, my Hubby probably bears the brunt of this new-found paranoia. Actually, there’s no probably about it. I know he takes all my crap, and then some. He’s probably wondering where this banshee of a woman came from, and I feel sorry for him, as I’m not the same person he married.

So, in an effort to be more mindful of my mood, I’m going to attempt to refocus, and pay attention to what makes me happy.

Happiness Jar Project

The Happiness Jar was started by Elizabeth Gilbert in 2012, and it took off from there. This year, I’ve decided to create my own.

My aim is that at the end of each day (or at least once a week) I will write down something that has made me happy. It’s that simple. I shall date it, fold it, pop it in the jar, and then on days I’m feeling down, I shall rifle through and pick out a note and read it. Just to remind myself that happiness is always there. Waiting to be found.

I chose a jar that I had in my collection (yes, I have a collection of empty jars, you never know when you’ll need one), and then I decorated it. My friends know I have a penchant for Cath Kidston, so I already had stickers, washi tape, and notelets to hand.

That was it. All that’s left is to fill it. With love, with hope, with joy, with blessings, with happiness.

Why don’t you try it yourself?

It’s not too late. You can start it whenever you want!

The best thing is, there aren’t any rules. This is about your happiness, so put whatever you like in there. And when your jar fills up – and won’t that be a delight in itself – you can start a new jar. Just keep it going.

If you want to, you can read your notes, or you can leave them quietly folded if you prefer. And these don’t need to be written on pretty notelets. Use anything to hand; the torn corner of a takeaway menu, the back of a receipt.

You don’t even need to use a jar. Use a shoe box, a washed out food can, a pretty flower-pot. It really doesn’t matter, as the only thing that’s important is what’s inside; the very best parts of your life. 


The greatest thing about this is that I will become more mindful of what makes me happy. Those moments during the day that I smile will make much more of an impact, as I will do my best to remember them, ready to write my note later in the day.

I hope that in turn, those moments that make me frown will diminish in their desire to cling to my conscious.

I’ll update you in a year, but in the meantime, I’d love to know if you plan on starting your own Happiness Jar.

Keep Smiling

Lil Jem xx


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