My 2017. A review.

My 2017. A review.

As I do at the end of every year, I reflect on the previous year, and smile at all the happy memories my family and I have made.

I don’t like to ponder on the upsets, difficulties, and disappointments too much. If I can learn from them then that is great, but what is most important is that I have got through them and lived to tell the tale. 

So, without further ado, here is my 2017, condensed to a few lines typed up on broken laptop (I know what I’m spending my Christmas money on!)


I started the New Year at a wedding of two friends. We held hands and sang Auld Lang Syne dressed in our finery. I was still carrying my baby weight, having only given birth to E just over two months prior, and I remember struggling to find a dress to wear. None of my pre-pregnancy dresses fit, or if they did, they showed off the little picnic table that my stomach resembled at the time. (It was useful when wanting to hold a plate, cup of tea, and book at the same time).

It was in January that I really started to look at joining Parent and Baby groups. I signed up for Baby Massage, and started to go to a local free class called Rhyme Time. E seemed to enjoy Rhyme Time, and most certainly benefited from the massage; often falling asleep before the class had finished.


A month for loving. The hubby and I celebrate our wedding anniversary only five days after Valentine’s Day, so we tend to do something for the former, and not so much for the latter.

E and I had started going to sensory classes as well as keeping up with Baby Massage and Rhyme Time. My social life was very much about E and her wants and desires, but I enjoyed it, and it was a great chance to meet other Mothers and share stories.


E has Welsh Heritage, so first and foremost, we celebrated St. David’s day. E’s Great Gran passed away two days after E was born, and so we made sure we visited her grave and laid some daffodils down.

It was also my very first Mothering Sunday. Hubby made me breakfast in bed, and E bought me some pampering products. I can’t recall how many times I welled up with tears of joy, but I probably should have stocked up on the Andrex tissues.

E also began her Baby Led Weaning journey this month. She was an early starter, at five months old, but I checked the guidance at least 100 times over and forged ahead. She absolutely loved it, and even now loves munching down on the food I give her.


E had finished her Baby Massage and started Baby Yoga this month. Now she was sitting and rolling, getting her to keep still long enough to get her into the positions was a challenge, although one of my Mother friends who brought her baby boy along found this challenge pretty much unachievable and spent the classes sat with him watching instead!

We had our first family Easter celebration, which consisted of simply having quality time together. There wasn’t really enough chocolate for my liking, so I resolve to change that in 2018.


E uttered her first word, “Dada”. Like, seriously E?! I’m busting a gut here for you while Daddy naps and plays on his tablet and you decide to say his name first? I’m thinking it’s possibly because she already understood that she needed to be very direct to gain his attention.

To be fair to E, she also said Mama this month, eventually. Repeating Dada over and over was obviously getting her nowhere.


E started crawling, and it didn’t take her long to use this new found skill to cause mayhem and mischief. Mainly with the cat.

We celebrated Father’s Day by gifting a voucher to my Hubby for some clay pigeon shooting. He was ecstatic about this and has since been asking me if he can get a rifle. If you’re ready this; NO!


E started to pull herself up and stand, just in time to start day care and benefit from all the child friendly items she could bang her head on.

We all went on our first proper family holiday – to Butlins!! As someone who has never been enamoured with the thought of going to a holiday camp (can you say Hi-De-Hi?) I can say that we well and truly enjoyed ourselves. There was so much to do, even for little E who was only 8 months old. We will definitely be returning.


E spent her first whole night away from me and the Hubby; living it up at her Granny’s house. I was tense to say the least, but she was absolutely fine.

This was also the month I returned to work, albeit part-time. I was apprehensive about finding my feet in a new team of people, and not getting to see E day in, day out, but I knew that it was the right thing to do for me.

There were a few bumpy starts, such as allowing myself time to not only get myself ready, but also E, and also setting out my expectations to the Hubby on what he needed to do to help me with the new morning routine. I learnt that preparation is paramount!


E and I started to go to Splat! Messy Play on one of my day’s off. I really wanted to make the most of my time with her, and this was a class that I knew she would enjoy. We are still going to Rhyme Time too, although by this point E was fast becoming the eldest in the group. She makes the ladies laugh with the way she shouts out in the class, and does her own thing.

E also started to stand without support and was forever wanting to climb the stairs. Basically this month was the month I started to be acutely aware of sharp corners!


A month of celebration! I turned *cough cough splutter* years’ old, and E had her first birthday. We had an open house for friends and family to stop by and wish E best wishes. I had bought enough food to feed the five thousand, and E fell asleep half-way through, but it was fantastic to have all our loved ones with us. I felt honoured and grateful for the amazing people that E already had in her life.

We nipped to a local restaurant for my birthday. E did me proud with her behaviour, and her ability to demolish the fish fingers we bought her.

This was the month I began blogging. Something that I’d been thinking of doing since E was born, and I finally pulled my finger out and cracked on!


Daddy’s birthday month.

This was also the month that E walked for the first time. The Hubby missed out on this pivotal moment as he was hungover. (Did I mention it was his birthday month?)

We visited Donna Nook to see the baby seals. E got to go twice as she went again with her Granny. Lucky bugger.

I truly cherish family time and want to do more things in the new year.


E met Santa for the first time (twice?!) and wasn’t particularly impressed by him. At least, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t impressed – her screaming, twisting, and effort to push her face as far into my chest as possible was quite a good indication.

Christmas Day was celebrated with family, food, and alcohol. E was most excited by the orange she found in her stocking, and one can only hope that she will be equally as excited by fruit as she gets older (I’m allowed to hope right?). She was also enthused by all the family members gathered together, and spent most of the day walking from room to room calling out “heh-ro” (hello) to everyone.

This brings us to now. 2017 has been a pretty decent year by all accounts, and as  type this up, and reflect on our first full year as a family I have a few little resolutions that I hope to keep:

My resolutions

  1. To have more family away days; walks in the park, visits to family, soft-play fun
  2. Have more chocolate at Easter
  3. Have more chocolate in general
  4. Write a blog post twice a week.
  5. Count my blessings each night.

What are your new year resolutions?

Happy New Year,

Love Lil Jem and Baby E xxxx



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